C A D A M 2012

Hotel ISSA, Island of VIS - Croatia


The CADAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) is the annual international conference organised every September on the different picturesque places on the Adriatic coast since 2003. CADAM conferences have international character since the obtained results and continuous progress are achieved by voluntary contribution and continuous support of the eminent scientists from various countries which number continuously arise from the year to year. You are welcome to join us.

The main purpose of the annual CADAM conference and joined international journal Advanced Engineering is to bring together scientists, researchers, experts and spe­cialists in order to support their cooperation, knowledge exchange and presentation of the re­cent progress in research and development to the worldwide auditorium. Those activities are now supported by internationally oriented projects, such as “who is who in science” and “university books”, although they will need some time to reach their final form.

President of CADAM

   Prof. Boris Obsieger, D. Sc.

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