4.- 8.10.2017.
Hotel Olympia, Vodice, Croatia

Many years of experience gathered by the organizers during the previous years of organization of this conference is a guarantee of its success. This is the main reason why each year again the conference is able to bring together numerous experts in the area of water supply, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment. We are free to state that it is one of the most important annual events in this field, whose goal is to enable an exchange of information, knowledge and experience, within a broad range of experts, companies and institutions whose contribution is felt in the development and progress of the water and wastewater industry.

With every passing year, we have been able to note an increase in the attractiveness of this conference, both in terms of participation, as well as in the quality of lectures and presentations of expert papers. In addition, the organizers offer a large accompanying program – exhibitions of products and services, as well as thematic workshops, where institutions and companies present their latest achievements and programmes in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere.

In Croatia, as well as in other countries, many projects are underway in the area of water supply, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment, and many plants are already in the implementation phase. Their goal is always the same: to achieve a visible and sustainable growth in each of these three interconnected areas. Croatia itself is a witness of good investment dynamics which is expected to become even more significant in the coming years. This is probably one of the largest investment cycles in water supply, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment in the region and in the history of our country. Therefore, at this conference, we expect to hear more from our experts about ongoing projects and investments, as well as about completed facilities. Likewise, we expect to have a fruitful exchange of experiences between experts from different countries and with different backgrounds. Experts who were already engaged in such projects will be invited to share their opinions on what might be useful to those who plan such projects.

In this context, a number of activities are being carried out in parallel in order to improve the water sector as a whole and to increase the standard for end-users. With this development, one gets closer to Croatia’s objectives and achievements as a member of the European Union. This includes, among other, a very important area of legislation, which accompanies the preparation and implementation of many investments and significantly influences the operation and organization of public water utilities. The new legislation is very important for public procurement, which is also likely to have a direct impact on the preparation and implementation of the planned investments. Other important and complex processes in the reform of the Croatian water sector are being carried out as a continuation of the already initiated activities, with considerable progress expected in the future.

Accordingly, this year’s expert conference will provide a series of lectures, presentations, discussions, and the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the solution to many outstanding issues. In addition to the lectures and discussions, round table discussions are planned, as well as a series of accompanying events.

The following is an overview of the planned thematic groups on the basis of which the contributions will be allocated in the conference programme. In addition to these, we expect, of course, other relevant contributions from the areas of water supply, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment. The planned thematic groups at this year’s conference are as follows:


We believe that this year, as has been our experience so far, there will be a great interest among the authors to submit their papers and articles within these thematic units. Therefore, our invitation is primarily directed at them. However, as said above, other relevant contributions from the area of water management will be welcomed and accommodated in the programme as well.

We extend our invitation to participate at the conference particularly to the representatives of water utilities, municipal companies, university professors and lecturers, heads of relevant departments in ministries and Hrvatske vode, designers, architects, engineers, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and plants, institutes and inspection services. Your papers and presentations will a valuable contribution to the above thematic units and to the exchange of experiences, ideas and information in this field. Thank you in advance for your interest and participation.

 The Organizing Committee

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